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The girlfriends from Nama Beach High learn the liberating secret of discipline In this second book of the Nama Beach High series, Laura Duffy and her friends from the conflicted girls club discover a secret text hidden within John 16. Laura has a chance to experience the truth of this secret when she gets her driver s license, starts a new job at the local Gap store, then observes kids from her school in the act of shoplifting, and even suffers the theft of her car. Worst of all, her friend Joy Beth, who seems to possess everything in life, develops diabetes. Together the girls realize that possessing things sometimes leads to being possessed by them. They learn that discipline is the ability to deny and to choose not to exploit. Discipline is a way that God s power can bless them. They find out that surrendering all of life s non-essentials and identifying what remains as God s sacred gifts is The Key.”

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